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This is work I have done over the decades since I first became involved in ceramics. I'm interested in ideas arising from world influences mingled with experimenting with ceramic materials, so I can start with an idea but that can change quite a lot when working it out in clay. Ideas come from the materials' textures and colours. For these reasons I am happy to use any making methods to get my end results.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with making models, mould making and slipcasting in my early days and came to love slip which I still do. Throwing and handbuilding were on the backburner. Now I'm happy to throw and handbuild as well. Colour is important and exciting to me so surface decoration is 50% of the pot to me, the other 50% being the shape.

I could say I had some impressive teachers, but there wouldn't be much point because I mostly ignored everyone and got on with it myself. I did get good technical advice though. I spent 5 glorious years in art and ceramics education.